The Guttuso Archives, whose president is Fabio Carapezza Guttuso, the sole heir of Renato Guttuso, are the owners of the copyright of the artistic and literary works of Renato Guttuso.

All requests for reproduction of the artistic work of Renato Guttuso (paintings, drawings, watercolours, sculptures, etc.) are processed and authorized by S.I.A.E., the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers, which can be contacted at the following address:

S.I.A.E. sez. OLAF
Viale della Letteratura n. 30
00144 Roma
Tel. +39 06 599 023 10
Fax +39 06 599 020 28
E-mail: [email protected]

For requests for publication of literary works by Renato Guttuso, the Guttuso Archives should be contacted at: [email protected]

Reproduction of all contents, texts, photographs, etc. present on this site is prohibited without explicit consent by the Guttuso Archives.

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